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How idyllic - a fish swimming in a cristal clear lake with algae at the ground which give it a beautiful green color. Every now and then, the fish leaps from the water and tries to catch insects flying over the water surface while the sun is shining brightly on this nice summer day.

This happened in a pond right below the gates of the Aratiatia Dam. These gates get opened between three to four times per day for half an hour. Before the opening one wonders, why the shallow river with its tiny waterfalls behind the dam is called "Aratiatia Rapids". 10 minutes after the dam has been opened it becomes obvious. Within these 10 minutes, the water level rises by 10 meters in some places, most of the rocks at the bottom of the river cannot be seen anymore and the calm river has changed into furious rapids.

I have to admit, this was impressive. I just wonder what happened to the fish:)