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After a couple of beers and a test of our knowledge of kiwi english (man, these guys are sometimes really hard to understand) on the previous evening in one of Greymouth' bars we camped somewhere along one of the roads outside Greymouth. When the traffic started to pick up the next morning (which means a car every 5 minutes in New Zealand), we returned to Greymouth to wash our clothes and have breakfast. We found a laundromat near a petrol station and decided to have our meal there while we were waiting for our clothes to finish. What we had not realized was that our breakfast location was actually right in front of the toilets. I guess, you cannot have a romantic picnic location every time... :)

After our meal we headed on to Wild West Adventures where we had booked a black water rafting or caving trip. We were given wetsuits, rubber boots and a helmet and sent on our way to the cave. Before we actually went under ground we had to walk for appr. 40 mins through the jungle though.

In front of the cave entrance we painted Maori symbols on each other's faces with some mud from the ground, did some Haka training (a Maori war dance) and descended under ground. In the cave we part walked through an underground river, part crawled on all fours through incredibly tight tunnels and part floated along in rubber tires and admired the glow worms under the cave ceiling.

Back out of the cave we still slid down a shallow river on a rubber mat before heading back to the Wild West base where we closed off our adventure with beer and muffins in a hot spa pool.