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The last day in the park started off with some pretty tired faces. At some point during the night it had begun to rain and soon our tent was soaked and everyone was pushing away from the wet tent hull towards the middle of the tent. I guess, the fact that we had to take our backpacks with us into the tent (which wasn't that big anyway) did not exactly contribute to the comfort of the situation.

However, once the rain was gone, I got ready to walk the last 12km out of the park, leaving most of my luggage with Sven and Olli who got a water taxi ride back. In the end it turned out to be another nice day and the views from the track were definitely worth the extra effort of walking.

We spend the night on Old MacDonald's Farm in Marahau again and the next day we were on our way to the Westcoast.

The last picture is a detailed map of the park.